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Opening Times At Maha Bharat Indian Restaurant in Torquay Are

Sunday - Saturday

5.00 pm - 12.00 am

Including Bank Holidays.



10 % discount for all collected takeaways.

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Maha Bharat Indian Restaurant Torquay
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Maha Bharat

Biryani Dishes
Basmati rice cooked with onions, spices & herbs. Covered with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and fresh coriander. Served with vegetable curry. Medium

Special Biryani 12.95
Cooked with king prawns & chicken tikka. Dressed with bananas & omelette.

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani 8.50
King Prawn Biryani 11.95
Vegetable Biryani 7.95
Chicken Mushroom Biryani 9.50
Lamb Mushroom Biryani 9.50
Prawn Mushroom Biryani 9.50
King Prawn Mushroom Biryani 12.50
Mushroom Biryani 7.95
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani 9.50
Chicken Tikka Mushroom Biryani 10.50
Lamb Tikka Mushroom Biryani 10.50

Served in a thali a large traditional Indian plate

Vegetable Thali 10.95 (Not for Takeaway)
An assortment of Vegetable bhaji, Brinjal bhaji & Cauliflower bhaji, pilau rice, nan bread and yoghurt.

Meat Thali 12.95 (Not For Takeaway)
  An assortment of Chicken Kurma, Lamb Bhuna and Tandoori Chicken, pilau rice, nan bread and yoghurt.

Mixed Balti Dishes
Cooked with onions tomatoes, lightly spiced in a thick sauce medium

Chicken and Spinach 8.95
Chicken and Mushroom 8.95
Chicken and Vegetable 8.95
Lamb and Spinach 8.95
Lamb and Mushroom 8.95
Lamb and Vegetable 8.95
Prawn and Spinach 8.95
Prawn and Mushroom 8.95
Prawn and Vegetable 8.95
king Prawn and Spinach 12.95
King Prawn and Mushroom 12.95
King Prawn and Vegetable 12.95
Chicken and Prawn 8.95
Chicken and King Prawn 11.95

Tandoori Dishes
Not a curry served with fresh green salad

Tandoori Chicken 7.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka 7.95
Tandoori King Prawn 12.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shashlik 8.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill 12.95


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